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Send Us Your Music!

Send Us Your Music!: Bio


Fox Cities Indie Radio plays original indie music from across the globe. We thrive on an eclectic vibe and play multiple genres.

Send Us Your Music!: List

All music must be original music created by you and/or your band.

If you are doing a cover version of a song,  you must own copyright for FCIR to play it.

All music must be professionally recorded to sound good on the air.

This means it must be professionally recorded on quality equipment with no background noise. You do not have to be in a music studio to get great sound- just make sure it sounds incredible.

All music must be in MP3. We cannot upload any other file types.

Everyone's time is important. Submit in MP3.

All music is added within 3-4 weeks.

We are a small but mighty crew here at FCIR. We thank you for your patience.

Here is How to Submit:

1. Send us an email introducing yourself and where you are from.

2. Attach your music in MP3 format to the email or through a DROPBOX link. If you submit through DROPBOX, make sure your link is accessible for at least 4 weeks.

3. Include your social media handles. We tag artists on Facebook and Instagram, so having your handles helps us locate the right individual or band. We want you to get noticed!

4. Once we tag you on social media, share on your socials that your music can be heard on Fox Cities Indie Radio.

Send Us Your Music!: Text
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