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Jenna Jakes

Jenna Jakes

I've loved radio and music long before I ever became a DJ. Listening and singing to songs on records and the radio when I was young morphed into a middle school mixtape kid. I'd wait until the Top 9 at 9 would come on, have my dual deck cassette player ready, and record my favorite songs. I got so good at it, I even had that slight pause between songs - it was hard to tell I recorded them off radio. All these years later and I'm still loving music, still loving radio. Music has a deep impact on those who listen. It's an art that hits us at the core, and radio is an excellent medium to get its impact out to the world.

As a DJ, I’ve spent over nine years behind the mic spinning tunes and interviewing artists. From Star 98 to WOGB and NASH FM to Fox 96.9, I’ve had my fair share of radio gigs as an on-air personality and been involved in the production end of things, too. I’ve also been a music journalist since 2011 and interviewed local, national, and international artists. I love talking about the creative process with people and am focused on the art of music rather than gossip.

When I'm not behind the mic spinning tunes or interviewing artists, you can find me involved in several artistic endeavors in music, writing, painting, and photography.

In my really, really spare time, I'm a movie buff and enjoy seeing the latest flicks. Anything from Hallmark cry-your-eyes-out sappy stuff to kickin' butt action, I'm game. Sadly, I have yet to see a recent scary movie that has genuinely scared me - yawn - what happened to horror movies that scared the crap outta ya?

My family also likes to hang out with me from time to time. We have three rescue pets: Fudge, Joey, and Gus.  Fudge is our adventurer. She is a pointer mix and her nose leads her. If we didn't have her on a leash, she would halfway across America sniffing around. Joey is our three-season cat. He doesn't mind going out with us in the warmer months but spends his winter hours lounged on our heaters basking in the sunshine. Gus is our handsome mixed lab with the sweetest disposition. He's also blind but that doesn't stop this 100-pound guy from thinking he's a lap dog or maneuvering the house with ease. I've said we need to round our house out with a pig, a couple of goats, and maybe some birds, but the human side of the family doesn't agree.

I leave you with the epic words of Ted Theodore Logan and Bill S. Preston Esq:  Be excellent to each other.


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